Frequently Asked Questions

Lea's Metal Treasures FAQ

Which frame shape do I need?

Drew = Darcy
Ella = Emma
Finley = Frankie
Harper = Haley
Jessie = Jamie
Kirby = Korbin
Larkin = Lori
Murphy = Max
Otero = Olive
Otis = Oscar
Quinn = Queen
Reese = Robin
Serra = Sam
Soto = Sonora
Twain = Timmy
Wanda = Wendy
What are "topper finishes"?
We offer 2 basic finishes - matte and gloss which are $14 each.
Premium finishes ($16 each) include: pearlized white, pearlized gold, pearlized silver, mirror silver, mirror gold, mirror copper, brushed silver, brushed gold, brushed rose gold, brushed bronze & sparkle silver. We also have an option for Lea to choose the finish for you if you aren't sure which would be best.
Turnaround Time for Toppers
My production time for printed toppers is currently 8 weeks - approximately 2 months. Please keep that in mind when ordering holiday themed toppers. I cannot and will not rush your order because you ordered a holiday themed topper for a holiday that's in 5 weeks.
The naked collection is the only collection that ships sooner, in approximately 1-2 weeks.
Loyalty Points
We offer a loyalty points system. You earn 10 points per $1 spent (not including shipping or addons added via chat). You also earn 20 points for creating an account and 100 points on your birthday. If you post a selfie in the facebook group wearing Lea's Metal Treasures brand toppers (printed only, not naked toppers), you will earn 1,000 loyalty points. You can only earn selfie points once every 3 months, but you are welcome to post as many selfies in the group as you want - you just won't earn points in between. Points can be redeemed for order discounts or free shipping. 750 points equals $5 or free shipping. To find and use your points, click the heart icon on the lower left on the website.

Twinkle Twinkle Tees FAQ

What is your turnaround time for tshirts and pajamas?

Our current turnaround time for tshirts and pajamas is 1-2 weeks.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately, no we do not. We have a small home based business and in the past we've learned that most returns end up having to get donated or thrown away because we do not have the space to store them indefinitely. All of our items are made specifically for your order.


Are your children's pajamas CPSC certified?

Yes, all of our children's pajamas are CPSC certified and meet safety standards set by the CPSC. Most of our pajamas are snug fitted 100% cotton pajamas. Any loose fitting pajamas are 100% polyester, which is flame resistant material.