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So Pretty - like a Tequilla Sunrise!

Get your cocktail on! This one is a VERY pretty gradient that is warm and buttery. If you are wanting to pull warmth to your face, this is the solution.

Glittery and Shiny!

I love the way these toppers catch the light and sparkle! The finish is impeccable and the color is vibrant. I would recommend for all who want a fun color splash on their topper!


These are Crissy's on gloss white. The colors are true and fits my frames perfectly.

Amazing product

Love the Factory Enamel Solids

If you want to try a set of Lea's toppers, but don't want to wait 6-8 weeks to get them, order a set of the Factory Enamel Solids. They arrived within 2 weeks of placing my order. I ordered two sets (gloss black and gloss dark red) and the day I received them I ordered two more colors! Afterall, a girl needs options!! They are a quality thin metal with strong magnets. I love how they hug my frames and don't look bulky from the side like some other toppers do.

Love these!

These are on the crissy frame, pearlized white base. The base gives it a pearly/slightly glittery finish. All of the toppers I've bought fit perfectly and have super strong magnets.

Solid Colors Rock

Lea’s solid color toppers are awesome. I had overlooked solids because I was dazzled by vast display of designs and finishes. Someone posted about the solids and not to miss them. The solids are a quick easy option when you need a just-right topper. The fast turnaround time is a plus. Pick a favorite color or two or five. You will be happy you did.

Love them!

The toppers are so bright. They fit my frames perfectly. Once they shipped they arrived quickly and in good condition.


These are even better than I expected. They are beautiful, thin, light weight and no shaping necessary.

Such a fun and delicate print!

These toppers have a fun and vibrant print yet are subtle enough for the office or every day. As always, Ailea makes lightweight toppers with terrific magnets. You just can’t go wrong with her products!!

Leather Concho Split…. Wow!

These toppers are so amazing! I love and wear a lot of turquoise jewelry and these accent perfectly. These are so lightweight that I forgot I even have them on. I absolutely love them!

GD bears

Love them so much!!!

Best toppers ever!

I love all of Leas toppers. This one is one of my favorite name brand toppers that I had Lea make. It’s on a silver background. Bandana Floral in the ATod Fourth of July album

Very patriotic

Super cute. Haven't worn them yet, probably won't til 4th of July. I like the way they look tho.

Just gorgeous!

I love coffee so this is the perfect topper for me. It is a great neutral and the finish is just beautiful. This has become my new favorite with my Larkin’s. This was my first order and I’ve already placed another order!

Exactly what I imagined!

I wanted a light-greenish blue gradient similar to Pair's Iridescent, but with a more subtle shine. I chose to mirror two colors, light blue blending to light green and back, with the sparkle silver finish. I got exactly what I had hoped for--sometimes light blue, sometimes light green, but always pretty!

Just Gorgeous

Alea is so talented and creative. These designs from ATod are awesome. They are really special when Alea does them becasue you can customize your finish.

Perfect Look

This topper is one that I mostly wear! It goes with everything and looks great!

Support for Cancer Survivors

Thank you for creating toppers to support all those who are fighting cancer. I will be wearing them to every treatment.

Absolutely gorgeous!

This topper is not only adorable but so well crafted as well! I ordered several more!

Tooled Wood Flowers #4, Brushed Bronze

It's hard to get a good picture of these toppers but they are just beautiful. My photo bomber thinks so too! :) Base frame is Soto.

Ready to wear is A+

This pair of ready to wear toppers was almost perfect, it had one tiny tiny flaw that I could barely see even after it being pointed out at me. The color was beautiful, I've worn the topper 2xs now and no one has been able to spot the flaw.

Thin, lightweight and perfect fit!

Couldn’t ask for better quality. One of only 3 topper creators I purchase from. I love the super thin lightweight metal and the beautiful finish.